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Food Fight - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Food Fight

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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Bertie, standing on a ladder some way above, dropped a big dollop of brown sauce over Myrtle.
Myrtle whipped a squeezy bottle of tomato sauce out of her back pocket and squirted Bertie, who dropped from the ladder, skidded on the sardine, knocking Malice up in the air, to land in a bowl of trifle.
Meanwhile,Michael had been loading his water pistol with gravy,which he squirted at Myrtle,forcing her to take cover behind Minnie and Malice,who was hurling choc ices at Bertie. Image
Bertie threw a pea at Myrtle. It bounced off the top of her head. Then Bertie his behind Malice.
Myrtle slipped on some custard and spilt her cottage cheese onto Michael,who lost control of a large apple pie and dropped it onto Malice`s head.
With that Malice got seriously annoyed (pie was ok, but the plate hurt!!!) and got all 3 with a giant confectioners custard tart Image
Meanwhile ,Michael was collecting stale mince pies and loading them into his catapult,which he fired with reasonable accuracy at Myrtle,Bertie and Minnie.
Minnie got a big bowl of whipped cream, and shook the whisk all around the room
splashing everybody.......Malice licked the cream off the wallpaper Image
Michael used yesterdays leftover gravy to `wash` Minnies hair.
Inspired by Minnie's whisk-based antics, BertieBear baked a HUGE cake with a stick of dynamite in the middle, then went and hid behind the sofa while everyone else got well an truly splattered!
208 posts