Food Fight

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The olive oil caused Matty to skid across the floor and hit a cupboard causing a giant pot of Golden Syrup to topple and cover Bertie's head in the sticky stuff. "Quick Minnie" shouted Matty, "release the bees".
Thinking quickly, Bertie gave Matty a big hug! Image Image
Matty threw a custard pie at Myrtle Image
Myrtle quickly ducked so the custard pie hit Minnie instead!Image

Fortunately she loves custard and asked Myrtle for some rhubarb Image
rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb .. hey dad who said you could join in?!... rhubarb rhubarb gulp...some kind person from the food fight forum stuffed a pastie in his mouth..
Rickos dad spluttered on the pastie and he splattered bertie with crumbs (and his false teeth) while crocus laughed so much that she dropped the kippers she had been planning to put down mattys back.
Kippers Crocus? Yuck Image Whilst all this was going on Matty was busy shaking up several cans of coke and when they blew everyone around except Matty (who had brought an umbrella) were soaked in nice sticky fizziness Image

Then...........the bees returned.............sound of evil laughter and cackling from Matty Image
Meanwhile minnie had found Indys, slippers and was filling them with left over
custard, eh eh ....Image
208 posts