Food Fight

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The first person posts, throws some food.
Then the next throws at them. so on, etc;
Only rule, it has to be food.


1( Bertie throws a custard pie at Minnie)

I'II start. my post is

Minnie dash's by the window throwing a buttered pancake Image
Minnie hides behind the table and throws squashed bananas at MIchael.
Myrtle rolls melons at Minnie under the table Image
Malice flings the remains of his breakfast(don`t ask) at Dipsy.
Cheryl waves a catnip mouse at Malice arggggghhhh malice takes the bait Image
Minnie creeps up on tip-toe , pours a jar of honey over cheryl Image
Michael found an old fried egg he dropped behind the cooker and threw it at Myrtle.
Myrtle threw a banana skin in front of Bertiebear
Minnie got a catapult , started firing peanuts at Myrtle Image
Karen lobs a squishy plum at Rosemary. Image (and runs to hide PDQ) Image Image
208 posts