Fifty Things you can Deep Fry

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Continuing on the 50 shades theme, and after Mars distanced itself from the deep fried version, it got me thinking..........

1. Mars Bars
3 Apple
4 Pineapple
5 Courgette
6 Banana
7 Potato
8 Mushroom
Eggs - my husband always thought his mum's cooking was unbeatable....until he had deep fried eggs which my mum did. They're lovely, but I gave up deep fat frying years ago, so haven't had any for years!
11. Ice cream

Yes really - I came across this when we went on holiday to Riga. Assumed it was a mistranslation, but no. It arrived battered and deep fried like a cross between a snowball and a baked Alaska Image
12. Courgette FLOWERS
13 CHIPS Image Image Image
14 Waffel's
15 onions
16 hash browns
17 Sausages