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Corrupt a wish - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Corrupt a wish

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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Your skin remains,and remains,and remains,until it is so thick you cannot move and have skin like a tree trunk.

Wish the cat would only kill nasty creatures and leave the birds alone.
I thought I would resurrect this one as its so funny Image

Your cat has indeed killed nasty creatures. Lots and lots of toads, rats, snakes.....
And he has piled them all up on your doorstep

I wish my tomato plants would produce tomatoes
Yes lovely ripe tomatoes , but a mini sasquatch devours them all in the middle of
the night. Image Image

I wish I had a large box of Chocolates right now. yum
You have them right now, but the sell by date was 6 years ago

(edit) I wish some-one else would cook dinner for me
Someone does indeed cook you a lovely dinner.........shame they left it in the oven and it smoked the kitchen out (been there done that Image )

I wish I lived by the sea.Image
Granted! You live by the sea right on the extreme edge of a cliff.

I wish I could speak fluent French
Granted. Unfortunately, there's nobody left alive who understands French, fluent or otherwise.

I wish that the NHS was no longer overstretched and underfunded.
Granted, but it only has one patient now and its not you or anyone you know

I wish I could have a ride in a hot air balloon
Granted.........but your balloon is drifting towards Heathrow.........that jet's getting awfully close!!! Image

I wish politicians told the truth.
Granted! Now all of them are loud and proud about their not so little misdemeanours. And they can't be voted out either. Image

I wish that the washing would do itself, including loading and emptying the machine.
159 posts