Corrupt a wish

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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Your memory is so good you keep remembering your teething problems.......ooh....ouch!!

Wish the tv had something worth watching this afternoon.
It does...
Shame your TV has broken! Image

Wish I didn't have to go to the supermarket
Shame your wish granting has broken too Michael!

You need a wish Juggler Image Image Image
My poor memory again...have done an edit Image
You don`t have to go to the supermarket because the recession means there is no supermarket!

Wish i`d seen Led Zep live.
Granted you see them live, but they are old men now.

Wish I was invisible .
Who said that??? Image
Perhaps it did work - or perhaps Minnie just fell down a hole... Image

I wish I could get the hang of this game Image Image
Your wish is granted... but now you are so good at it that no one else wants to play

I wish I could be pain free
You are now numb everywhere.

Wish my coffee didn`t keep leaving my cup.
Your coffee cup remains full forever... it's a shame that you are now an insomniac who lives in the bathroom.

I wish my sunburn wouldn't peel
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