Corrupt a wish

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Image Minnie

You're there in Monet's garden ..... crikey those mozzies are biting and they're huge!

Wishing the slugs don't eat my vegetable seedlings.
The slugs have stopped eating plants and have started on roof tiles.

Wish the cat would bring back something edible.
LOL Your wish has already been granted, Malice has been bringing you rats and mice they're edible.....just 'cos you don't like 'em Image , I'm sure rodents are considered delicacies in some countries Image

Wish the slugs would stop eating the tiles off the roof Image Image
Wish granted. Slugs no longer eat the tiles because you no longer have a roof...or a house!
I wish chocolate lasted longer!
It does Myrtle ... usually on the hips! Not saying whether your wish is granted - that would be rude!

Bit chilly sitting here on the grass this evening, wishing it doesn't rain overnight Image
It doesn't rain Image But there is a snowstorm.

wish the ironing would do itself.
The iron does the ironing,gets power crazy and irons everything......including what you are wearing.

Wish we had more animals.
Your wish has come true - it's a new cat Image...
yes, a lovely man-eating tiger has come to stay Image
You need to post a wish Juggler. Image Image Image Image
Oops! Image Image

Wishing I had a better memory Image Image Image
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