Corrupt a wish

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Granted but big craters will appear in the roads.

I wish for a roast beef dinner.
Can I play too?

Granted, but you get food poisoning the next day.

I wish I could make people happy even at my own expense..
Granted,but the police find out how you do it!

I wish I could teach the world to sing.
Granted, but it means wearing flares and working for Coca-Cola.

I wish I had a new cap to stop my baldy napper getting burnt.
Granted,but the belt snaps,and it falls to the ground.

I wish wishes were horses.
Granted, but you'll have to muck all of them out! :lol:

I wish I could sleep for longer.
granted you fall asleep and wake up after Christmas.

I wish for a ice cream
Granted - it's whelk and plum ripple flavour.

I wish for one easy day.
granted your day lasts an hour.

I wish for a bigger pillow to lean back on
159 posts