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Corrupt a wish - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Corrupt a wish

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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Granted, you lost your stone, but you ruined the carpet Image
Ah but you are Minnie, the sun is shining, there's a gentle breeze making ripples across the water the only thing is you're sitting right next to the Swans' nest and the male is charging towards you - QUICK RUUNNNNNNN!!!!

Wishing the dentist tomorrow stops my toothache, without asking me why I haven't come earlier!
Your wish is granted, you no longer have toothache - come to that, you no longer have any teeth.

I wish my tinnitus would stop
From a Fellow sufferer, wish granted, it's GONE, fantastic, but now you cant stop sneezing . Image

Wish I was sitting in a field of bluebells, birds twittering, butterflies fluttering, woodpeckers
pecking, rustle in the trees. light summer breeze, smell of honeysuckle , jasmine, in the air.

p.s. Jane Image Image
Lovely.....just a shame about the blindfold and your hearing aids have no batteries!

Wish my camera took the photos as i see them.
Granted , Ohhhhhhhhh My the things you see. MI5 have confiscated your camera.

Wish I was on a Gondola , sailing in the Venice canals.
Venice sank!!

Wish that i could catch a fish,
So big that even i,
In speaking of it afterwards,
Would have no cause to lie.
You caught the fish, but you ended up it's dinner. Image
YOUR WISH IS granted but now I'm so far away you can barely hear me!

Wish I was drinking an Irish coffee, proper one with floating cream Image
Lovely Irish coffee , mmmmm delicious cream, OMG what else is floating in the
cream. a BLUEBOTTLE euk..

Wish I was sitting in Monets carden in France. with all the lily pads . Image
159 posts