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Brexit ... Or The Hokey Cokey ? A Contuing Pantomine Which Is NOT Funny , Possibly Toxic To Many ! - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Brexit ... Or The Hokey Cokey ? A Contuing Pantomine Which Is NOT Funny , Possibly Toxic To Many !

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Recall the recent , contraversal , contract handled to a company to run an " Emergency " ferry servoce
in case the tradional Channel ports could not cope ?

Brexit : Budget cuts threaten Ramsgate ferry plan.

A decision is due on budget cuts that could prevent Ramsgate reopening as a ferry port to ease pressure on other routes in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

The government handed Seaborne Freight a £13.8m contract to run a service to Ostend, in Belgium, under contingency plans to alleviate any delays at Dover.

But the local council is considering cuts to port spending that would make roll-on, roll-off services impossible.

Thanet councillors in Kent will vote on the proposed £630,000 cuts later.

The council has been pumping money into the port to keep it in a state of readiness for ferry operations.

Some of what's been reported recently ... you just couldn't make up ... just too ridiculous ?

Brexit : Seaborne Freight no-deal ferry contract scrapped.

A controversial ferry contract awarded to a company with no ships as part of no-deal Brexit plans has been scrapped, the government has said.

Ministers had faced criticism for the £13.8m deal with Seaborne Freight, which has never run a ferry service.

The Department of Transport said it made the decision after the company's Irish backer pulled out.

The government is now in "advanced talks" to find another company to replace the cancelled deal.

The Daily Telegraph, which first reported the cancelled contract, said Arklow Shipping, a major Irish shipping firm, withdrew its support from Seaborne "without warning".
Brexit as disruptive as disease outbreak, says farmers' leader.

NFU’s Minette Batters says " Inept parliament " forcing firms to spend millions to prepare.

Farmers are finding preparing for Brexit as disruptive as a major disease outbreak, and food companies are in danger of moving out of the UK or scaling back their investment, a farming leader has warned.

Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers’ Union, said: “Millions are being spent every day in no-deal planning and contingency plans for the food industry. Businesses are having to invest so much money to protect us from an inept parliament. This will break some businesses.”

She added: “It is like disease crisis management, but we don’t even know what we are going into.” Asked whether a disorderly Brexit could have as much impact on farming as the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001, she said it was not yet possible to tell. “Who knows? It depends on what the government and the EU do.”
Brexit : Thousands of British lorry drivers face being barred from entering EU after missing out on permits

More than 10,000 HGV operators have not obtained crucial annual passes.

Thousands of British lorry drivers face the prospect of being barred from entering the EU after missing out on permits that will be required after Brexit.

Figures show more than 11,000 HGV operators applied for a European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permit but less than 1,000 of the annual passes were made available.

The Department for Transport said an additional 2,832 one-month permits “will start to be allocated” by the end of the month, although this is still short of how many are required.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) criticised the decision, describing the current state as an “intolerable position”.

“When the bidding process for permits was first announced, we said that it amounted to nothing more than a lottery system,” RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said.
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