CHANGE A LETTER - have a go!

Please feel free to join in or start any games.

Think of a book title and then just change ONE letter to give it a funny twist........

Here's some of mine -





.................................................................... ;) ;) ;) ;)
The Sound of the Baskervilles
A View to a Hill
Bleak Mouse
The Remains of the Hay
Women in Hove
Golf Hall
Gone with the Mind (one for all our dementia sufferers :))
Moby Duck
The Cap in the Hat
Hive go on an adventure
Blank Beauty
Five on a leisure island[
Gone with the Hind

Journey to the Centre of the Darth
Stir Wars - A behind the scenes look at a cooking show
Coldfinger - A history of glove making in the 18th Century.
The Band That Rocks The Cradle - About a rock group that moonlight as baby sitters
Daddyshack - A review of men's sheds
Three Men in A Coat - An in-depth review of the Three Stooge's wardrobe contents
James and the Giant Beach - One small boy's holiday adventures by the seaside
The Curious Incident of The Bog in the Nght :D
MrsAverage wrote:
Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:11 pm
Gone with the Mind (one for all our dementia sufferers :))
An Aunt of mine once went to a fancy dress thingy with a film theme - it was just supposed to be hats - she wore no hat but had a placard around her neck saying "Gone with the Wind" :lol:

Cool Band Luke
Cool Hand Puke
Tool Hand Luke
Cool Hard Luke
Cool Hand Lute
Coil Hand Luke
Coot Hand Luke
Cool Hand Like
Coal Hand Luke