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Go on then you said you would then I'll get to the other side

What ya stopped for now
Will you get your nose out a my butt...I'll tell you when the coast is clear!
Oh for goodness sake, it's only a pussy cat.
"are you a man or a mouse?"
I thought cats eyes were in the road
Im guessing there's a cat out there!

Hh,h,h,h,h,how d,d,d,did you, kn,kn,kn,kn,know!

Im behind you and its either a cat or you've got really bad wind!!
Don't worry Jerry, I am one hundred million percent sure that the little girl that lives here has only dropped her toy Bagpuss there.... Image
Front mouse to one behind..............

What have I told you about being such a 'brown nose'...... Image Image Image
" Here's Johnny " I can see you's. Image