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we will let this run for a few days and then members can decide on their favourite. Click on photo to enlarge it

'I wanna get to the moon.....'
"Tut, God, I hate Zebras... Such a pain the the neck"


"I hate Glastonbury, can you see the stage now?"
"Hmm, I don't think we've got this Kama Sutra thing quite right yet"
Dave had took the Zebra print scarf fashion to a new extreme!!
"10,9,8.........coming ready or not"!!!!

Bell x
Cor you got a neck aint ya
can ya see it yet
get ya bl---y feet outa me eyes

Oh bell do it again please Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
"You're right...people do look like ants from up here..."
Spots or Stripes ?
Smiling at all these captions this