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Mother blames a " Tax on tall children " after she has to buy a £16.95 adult ticket to get her two-year-old daughter into dinosaur theme park while her niece - who's the same age - gets in free.

Abbie Lewis took her two-year-old daughter Darcie and niece Aria, also two.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure park in Lenwade charges full rate for anyone over 3ft.

Little Aria got in for free as a 'child' but Darcie's admission was full price.


Ms Lewis, of Poringland near Norwich, was forced to pay the higher price so her toddler wasn't disappointed, but fumed about it on social media.

Other parents agreed the new measures are unfair and unreasonable, but the attraction park says they were brought in 'following significant research into the fairest pricing system'.

The only concessions the park offers are for senior citizens and disabled children and their carers, priced at £12.95 and £7.50 respectively.

Ms Lewis, who demanded a refund, said: 'It ruined the day - we had gone because it was Father's Day so my husband Ryan got in free but if it hadn't been for the fact Darcie was so excited at going to the attraction, I would have come home.


( Registered disabled carer ... I bet there's more than one interpretation of that one ! )

Height does have it advantages ?

Aged 10 , and just pass the six foot mark , enjoyed me first pint ... barman didn't bat and eyelid ... ALLEGEDLY !