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A puzzle for you - Carers UK Forum

A puzzle for you

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
As a social scientist I would have to say all and none. They are all contributing factors but none are to blame directly.
Felicity because she made the choice to stay with her husband, take a lover, go out in the storm, cross the bridge?
No need to blame anybody or anything.Felicity had the experience of a husband and the excitement of a lover,her husband continued his evenings activities oblivious to all,her lover was able to show his concern without actually doing anything,the storm did what comes naturally,the river reached it`s peak performance,the bridge went down in style,and the dragon got well fed.How much happier could a story be!!! Image Image Image
The question is who exactly was to blame for this disaster?
Little Cousin Scampi?
I think that, Felicity because she made the choice to,go out in the storm, cross the bridge, too.

Will you be giving the answer?
Human Nature is to blame. Image
dragons don't really exist
The husband, because if he had been kinder Felicity wouldn't have looked elsewhere and he would also have come home early for her. And for not getting the bridge fixed.
Felicity for making poor choices in husband, lover and going out in the storm.

The storm and the dragon? Storms go where and do what they will and dragons do what dragons do Image
We need to divide the blame, but then there is "Moral Blame" and then there is "legal blame".
Felicity was an unfaithful strumpet who deserved eveything she got, but if I were her husband I would probably be suing the AA. Because they claim to be the "fourth emergency service" but they simply didn't get there fast enough. And I would instruct my solicitor to enter into discussions with the local authority concerning the state of the roads too, with a mind to an out-of-court settlement in six figures. Whicvh I would, naturally share 50/50 with her lover, along with the £1M life insurance, because unknown to her we set the whole thing up between the two of us, including some subtle undermining of the bridges structure ... heh heh !!
I think Audrey's to blame Image Image Image
Well, she did tell the story Image Image Image

I don't know if anyone's to blame. I try not to blame people as they're all just doing their best with the circumstances they're given.