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Windrush Debacle / EU Citizens Problems Come Brexit : When Used Up , Throw Away / Banish From The Realm ??? ??? - Carers UK Forum

Windrush Debacle / EU Citizens Problems Come Brexit : When Used Up , Throw Away / Banish From The Realm ??? ???

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
A red flag to a bull ... with toothache ?

A day celebrating the contribution of the Windrush generation and their descendants is to be held annually, the government has announced.

Windrush Day will take place on 22 June, the day when around 500 migrants from the Caribbean arrived at Tilbury Docks in Essex in 1948 aboard the MV Empire Windrush.

It will be supported by a grant of up to £500,000, available to charities and communities wanting to hold commemorative and educational events.

The communities minister, Lord Bourne, said the annual celebration will help to “recognise and honour the enormous contribution” of those who arrived between 1948 and 1971.

“It will keep their legacy alive for future generations, ensuring that we all celebrate the diversity of Britain’s history,” he said.

By contrast :

The home affairs select committee urged ministers last week to urgently set up a hardship fund to help Windrush victims who have suffered financial problems.

The MPs called for the fund after hearing the stories of victims including Anthony Bryan, who lost his job when he was told he was in the country illegally, and Sarah O’Connor, who has been unable to get work or claim benefits.

Yvette Cooper, the Labour MP and home affairs select committee chair, said: “Some of the Windrush generation are facing destitution. People are having to settle legal bills, or are facing bailiffs due to debts run up when they were forced to give up work or had their social security payments stopped through no fault of their own.

“The government must step in to help people immediately. Due to the seriousness of this issue, the home affairs select committee has agreed an urgent short report recommending that the government create a hardship fund, immediately, for those of the Windrush generation facing financial difficulties.”

Ministers have agreed to set up a compensation scheme, but the process is likely to involve a consultation and a call for evidence from victims. Lawyers have begun preparing group compensation claims.

The number of potential Windrush cases reported to the Home Office has exceeded 5,000.

Pat 'em on the 'ead , give 'em all a cup of tea and a piece of cake ... and everything's alright again ?

What prompted the " Day " in the first place ???

After 70 years ?

And , why now ???

Just imagine such a response to our Plight ?

Perhaps a Carers Rights Day ... or even a Carers Week ?

Our Lord Kitch says it all ... in one word ... HYPOCRISY !

" What a good job you all do. Here's a couple of extra food bank vouchers. I have a bag of old clothes to help you keep warm in winter in the boot. "

" Perhaps chance your arm in that Rank Bingo tent over there. One food bank voucher per game. Chance to win 100 assorted leaflets pointing you in the direction of help and assistance ! "

" Carry on caring , you and your fellow carers save us £ BILLLIONS ! "

" Excuse me , must take a selfie with that celeb over there ... must have cost them a bomb to get him out for this ? "

" Strange ... Carers Rights Day ... if you chose to care , what " Rights " do you need ? "

" Enjoy the rest of your day. "
Yeh ... plenty to " Celebrate ? "

Snippet from a Guardian article this morning :
The Home Office behaved in a “shocking” manner towards two Windrush citizens, Paulette Wilson and Anthony Bryan, both of whom were wrongly sent to immigration detention centres before a planned removal from the UK, despite being continuously resident for around 50 years, a committee of MPs and peers has ruled.

The Home Office displayed an “inadequate regard for the human rights” of those wrongly detained as a result of immigration enforcement, the report by the joint committee on human rights concluded.

Guests of honour on Celebration Day ???

Perhaps a photo shoot with a well known politician ... providing they smile and wear union jack party hats ???

They'll smile alright ... when the Joker responsible for sending them to that Immigration Detention Centre ( IDC ) is sent down for a 10 stretch ... preferably in a Category A ... non segregation wing ???
If we had a carers rights day would it be celebrated in Westminster Abbey after 70 years? :lol:
Thanks for the juicy half volley , Albert.

That is , assuming , of course , we will have a couple of Rights to " Celebrate " in 2046 ?

One at least ... the " Right " to care until we are no longer able to through illness or death.

In the event of the latter , a certified copy of the death certificate will be required BEFORE the System steps in and provides support for your caree ... probably bankrupting said caree in the process , within weeks ???

What is there to " Celebrate " in CarerLand ?
Just a headline from this morning's Independent.

It speaks volumes ... for our System ?

Windrush victims 'gagged' with non-disclosure agreements in return for fast-track compensation

Exclusive : Fury over confidentiality deals – despite home secretary telling MPs : " No one will be asked to sign any kind of non-disclosure agreement. "

Why a " Gagging " order ... what's there to hide ???
Just a headline :

Windrush : Government admits 83 British citizens may have been wrongfully deported due to scandal but will only apologise to 18.

Home secretary told failure to say sorry to all those affected 'brings into question whether the home office has a realistic grasp on all the people it has wrongly detained and removed.'

Roll on Windrush Day ... there will be " Plenty " to celebrate ... just like Carers Non Rights Day ?
Just gets better and better ?

Windrush scandal : boxer trapped in Jamaica for 13 years allowed back to UK,

Vanriel, 63, now lives in an abandoned roadside grocery shack in western Jamaica, ill, penniless and desperate to return to his family in the UK. After visiting Jamaica in 2005 he was refused a visa when he tried to go back home to the country where he had lived for 43 years, since the age of six. He has spent the past 13 years stuck, destitute and homesick.
Another one that beggars belief ... time for some court appearances , me thinks ?

Windrush : Home Office paid bonuses to private firm that detained and removed citizens.

Documents suggest department could be withholding crucial evidence, about the wrongful removals and deportations, from an inquiry into the scandal.
More ?

'Fraid so.
'" I was like a lamb to the slaughter " : deported after 35 years in the UK.

After visiting Jamaica for his sister’s funeral in 1998, Windrush victim Ivan Anglin was given two days to pack up his life.

Just goes on and on ... debacle after debacle :
Windrush victims still prevented from working, officials told.

First fact-gathering event hears emotional accounts from people affected by scandal.

Several members of the Windrush generation remain stuck in homelessness hostels and are still prevented from working almost five months after the government first apologised for their plight, it has emerged in an emotional first fact-gathering roadshow designed to inform a government review.

Windrush Day ... a day to celebrate ... ?