15 song album collection

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14. Silent Night - The Blank Tapes
15. Santa Baby - Eartha Kit Image

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1. You've got a Friend - James Taylor
2 With a Little help From My Friends - Beatles

3. Best Friend - The Beat
4. You're my best Friend - Queen Image
5. 'Harvey and Rabbit: Friends for Life' - That advert with the dog and his pet bunny-rabbit. I know it's not a proper song, but I just love it Image
nothing to do with songs but i can u i just ask where people are getting animated pics from. i luv them !!!
Hi shortarse, take a look at this thread - you might find it helpful. Feel free to message me if youve any questions

6. Youve Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman (its the one from Toy Story)

7. Call me - Blondie Image
8. Good Friends and a Glass of Wine - LeAnn Rimes

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