15 song album collection

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I have an idea, If you all escape with music like me;
The 15 song album collection
everybody picks a song title, and music artist. copy and paste, with the word in title, it must be 14 tracks the person who picks the last track, starts the next album off, picking the next theme of album.
I will start us off
The word is telephone/phone.

1. Hanging on the telephone-Blondie
Fantastic! Yep, I'm all into escaping with music. Music is the first thing about me on my profile Image though I admit, I tend to delve into the obscure...

Does the song have to have the word 'telephone' or 'phone' in the title, or can it just be a theme of the song?
Great Bertie,
Whatever you like,either way as long as the title or theme relates to the word "phone"
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2. I'm Calling - The Pretty Things
3. All night Operator - Bryan Ferry

if thats no good

3. Mr telepone Man - New Edition
Why not both?

5. Telephone And Rubber Band - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
5. Telephone And Rubber Band - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
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They are an old favourite of my dad's. They made a fantastic instrumental album which has a few recognisable pieces on it. Their music was featured in the film 'Malcolm'.

Here's Telephone And Rubberband, one of their more well known songs. It's to a scene from Malcolm incidentally - a group of people rob a bank with the aid of some groovy gadgets.

And here's another of their pieces that many people know but don't know who it's by
6. Hello - Lionel Richie
7. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) - De La Soul
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