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It's also worth reporting this type of call to the police and trading standards - nothing more may come of it but there's always a chance that it could be a call of a spate in your area and the police may be able to track down who is behind it.
<t>Personally, it doesn't really bother me if I'm called by my real name or any of my usernames. In the area where I live, it seems that everyone and their dog knows more about your life than you do - so it's a welcome break to come here and vent whatever I want to get off my chest without the fear ...
I understand, Bertie... and thank you Image
<t>Most of the time, my step dad has to cart it up and down stairs on her stair lift for her but she will do it herself on occasions.<br/> <br/> Because she sometimes has a nap in the front room, he's drilled through the wall and threaded her a spare tube through so she doesn't have to take it with ...
<t>Just an interesting twist to this - but I've found that anyone who'd struggle to move heavy weights around would be better to stick to oxygen cylinders as opposed to opting for an oxygen machine, or to be more specific a "portable oxygen machine".<br/> <br/> My mum got one about a year ago now an...
Bertie, I guess you could say that "The Showground" isn't actually a poem per se... just more of a list of experiences I've had on the showground.

I've included it because I felt that it'd give a good taste of steam rallies for those who have never been Image
All the fun of the fair Every year, I go through this charade I act excited as I read the road closures I wonder if I'll see any loaded trucks or even a caravan Perhaps I'll even see Chaos As the days tick away Fair men race to get the build done Dread begins to loom on the horizon At last, the fin...
Well worth having - even if you don't send many letters or parcels... remember that prices will go up again soon and stamps are still valid until your stocks are depleted.
I believe that it depends on where you live as to what you get - so the best I can do is to tell you to contact your local council and ask them.
We used to get 50p for small front teeth and £1 for back teeth Image