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Hi, I'm sure Morrxxxns supermarket do it, think I've bought some there.
Hi, you need to have Power of Attorney to get anyone to listen.
If you get this registered it means your Mum has agreed to your/your brother dealing with everything, problem is would your Mum sign the forms?
Doc's, Social Workers etc are very very good at opting out.
I have to agree Paul it's too small, too bland and uninviting.
If I put it on 125% zoom it makes all the other forums too big and I have to keep altering the zoom every time.
<t>Hi,<br/> I've been trying to get car insurance for my 41 year old son on his Dad's old banger. Car is worth £300 insurance quotes coming in at £1200 !!!!!!!!!<br/> He used to drive vans for his works for over 15 years, never had a bump/speeding fine etc.<br/> This is just because he has never had...
<t>Hi Poppet,<br/> We have just got a powerpack for hubby's manual wheelchair. He's 18 + stone and I've just had a hip replacement so he was worried about me pushing him.<br/> <br/> He has JUST come to terms with the fact that he cannot have a scooter or electric wheelchair due to his sight loss, th...
<t>Hi, <br/> Manual wheelchair with powerpack will be more versatile as the engine can be taken off and the wheelchair collapsed for transporting in the car for days out.<br/> The electric wheelchair might be too restricting although will be more independant for the user.<br/> A mobility scooter cou...
<t>Ok, suppose I want to go back to work, hubby needs care 24/7 after his stroke and now vascular dementia. He is, FACT, going to get worse probably sooner than later.<br/> <br/> The jobs I have had have all been for minimum wage, at the time about £5.50p, carers cost minimum of £8 to £10 an hour th...
'There but for the grace of God', Audrey

Putting myself in hubby's shoes puts things into perspective for me.
I only have to think about how I would wish to be cared for and then it all becomes a little easier. He is such a good man and so pleasant.
<t>ladybird you are, of course, bang on.<br/> The thin blue line-where does it get drawn?<br/> No easy answer, so yes, it is probably fairer to assess everyone.<br/> It's a case of 'we only care about those we care for', not that we do not realise what an unheaval all this is going to be for everyon...