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Bluebird you are right.
I've no motivation and cannot be bothered with the way I look any more, it hardly seems relevant in the grand scheme of things.
Take care
<t>I'm the same as bowling bun, was relatively ok (for someone with a huge chest) until about 3 years ago when hubby was diagnosed with vascular dementia. I was coping with the results of the stroke in 2007 but the vasd finished me off.<br/> Took to comfort eating and put on 2 stone.<br/> Just bough...
<t>Hi,<br/> I notified all depts. straight away (pension, DLA, Carers allowance) and was informed that some would stop after 4 weeks (DLA and Carers all) and to get back to them after 4 weeks.<br/> I just played safe really by telling absolutely everyone I could think of, didn't fancy trying to pay-...
<t>Good morning Treez,<br/> I am sorry you are in this situation and can understand where you are coming from.<br/> I was leaving my hubby of 37 years when he had his stroke that led to vascular dementia, 6 years later with a hubby who can do nothing for himself, not even feed himself, I do sometime...
<t>Hi, <br/> I've trawled all over the internet and cannot find anything about the discretionary carers grants, not even on government sites.<br/> I have been trying for 6+ years to get money from someone so hubby (stroke, severely disabled and now vascular dementia) and myself to have a break in a ...
Done with particular reference to dementia patients treatment in hospitals.
Just got hubby back to 'normal' after 8 weeks in hospital where he was not eating/drinking, could not walk and became incontinent.
Thought he was dying in there in fact.!!!!!
It's the cruelest illness I have ever seen.
My hubby is in the end stage dementia after 8 weeks in hospital.
Breaks my heart every single day.
he is 63.
This could be the push ordinary people need to really rebel against all the cruelty this government is imposing on us all.
Do they honestly believe they will win the next election?????????
<t>Yes that is how its done.<br/> Carers allowance is classed as an income replacement benefit so the same amount is taken off any guarantee pension credit.<br/> The plus side is that having Carers allowance does entitle you to other help, although I personally have never found out what these other ...