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Hi Worried your wifes claim for ESA is your household claim. ESA main phase for a couple £113.70 (these are pre 6th april 2015 figures) Support component £35.75 Enhanced disability premium £22.35 for a couple, 1 of you qualifies. this is because one of you is in receipt of DLA at any rate. Because y...
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Hi Petal If OH is claiming Contribution Based ESA he will not be getting the premiums, enhanced and severe disability plus carers premium. If his claim is for you both then carers allowance will be deducted from your benefit award. OH needs (my suggestion ONLY) to re-claim for income related ESA as ...
Hi Worried Your wife should be making a joint claim for both of you, as a couple you would be receiving main phase rates for a couple plus enhanced and severe disability premiums and the support group component in the claim. From which the amount you receive in Carers Allowance will be deducted, thi...
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Hi All
Had a bit more of a surf around and found some truly moving stories and read the great advice given. Proud to be in such Great company.
Madfloyd :D
You are most welcome.
Hi Mary
The only practical advice I can give you is that you may be able to claim carers credit to your NI contributions, you do not need to be in receipt of carers allowance to get these and it would entitle you to a higher pension later on.
you have my empathy