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Actually, Jenny, I think you have the right end of the stick and I'm wrong. DBT (dialectical behavoiur therpay) is used for Borderline.

Apologies to Gemma, and perhaps she could enlighten us?
Hi Gemma My son, diagnosed with schizophrenia, has ups and downs all the time. When he is 'getting bad' he tends to be very sensitive to perceived criticism and frequently flies into a rage. I say 'perceived' because often what someone says is not intended as criticism at all. He also gets into trou...
Sarah, I've sent you a PM.
Really sorry Henrietta. You have helped so many people on the forum; I hope you are finding some comfort too. (((Hugs))) from me.
Well, at least he's on the psychiatrist's radar.

I do hope you can enjoy your Christmas. Sometimes my son can rise to the occasion and be sociable even when he's been absolutely unspeakable with just me. :angry: Fingers crossed. :lol:

All the best.
So sorry to hear things are getting worse. I promise it won't go on for ever, although right now that's probably no help to you. Do you think his house mates would involve the police? "Ranting and raving and breaking things" would make a good case for putting others at risk of harm I would have thou...
Oh how infuriating! I'm all too familiar with endlessly delayed appointments. It's the complete frustration of knowing what's needed but being unable to access it. I also understand that awful feeling as things plunge downhill again, just when you thought it was going to work out...... I'm sure PALS...
Hi again Lilac The first drug my son was given was Olanzapine but it made him lethargic and overweight. On the suggestion of the mental health team he changed to Quetiapine but had a bad experience with it. He was afraid to go to sleep and took to camping on my bedroom floor. He didn't get much supp...
Irene, I'm so sorry to read this.

When my mum had difficulty swallowing co-codamol I arranged for effervescent tablets instead. Makes a rather bitter drink but she could swallow it quickly.

Just a thought....
Diane - I couldn't just 'read and run'. What an awful time you're having, even your poor dog.

I can't really offer any suggestions but I'm sure others will be able to. I do hope the next doctor can do something useful.