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Four and a half years ago mum decided she wanted to live near me. She refused to go into a care home and opted instead for a sheltered flat. I didn't really have a say in it, she just assumed I would step up because that's what the daughter did. She was too frightened of falling to leave the buildin...
O good grief, Jackie, you must be beside yourself. It may be no consolation but....it is May and sleeping rough will not be the hardship it might be in January. Rough sleepers (my son can attest to this) do look out for one another, and there are charities and shelters all over London (maybe contact...
Hi Jackie What a horribly worrying time for you. I have experienced this several times with my son. When I'm in this situation I ring the police on 101 and report my son as a 'vulnerable adult'. They take a description and ask about any places he might be staying, and his mobile number. Their cars w...
Hi Jane

A good post! It rings very true for me, as even though my mum does not have dementia I can so identify with doing everything double, and feeling worried and anxious about her all the time.
Hi Michele and welcome

My son suffers from psychosis and has been in hospital many times over the years. He's currently living half the week with me and half the week in his council flat.

How old is your son? Has been offered any medication or therapy?
I got this in an email from Money Saving Expert:

If you paid to register a Power of Attorney in England or Wales between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017, you're owed a refund of up to £54. See:

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Actually, Jenny, I think you have the right end of the stick and I'm wrong. DBT (dialectical behavoiur therpay) is used for Borderline.

Apologies to Gemma, and perhaps she could enlighten us?
Hi Gemma My son, diagnosed with schizophrenia, has ups and downs all the time. When he is 'getting bad' he tends to be very sensitive to perceived criticism and frequently flies into a rage. I say 'perceived' because often what someone says is not intended as criticism at all. He also gets into trou...
Sarah, I've sent you a PM.
Really sorry Henrietta. You have helped so many people on the forum; I hope you are finding some comfort too. (((Hugs))) from me.