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Hi Jim This is a difficult situation for you. I hope I can pass on some things I have learned looking after my son and perhaps suggest some things you may not have considered. (I don't mean to imply that you haven't thought deeply about this as I'm sure you have.) Firstly, how old is your stepson? A...
Hi Cheryl What a worry for you. You might be interested in this description of delirium on the Alzheimers website: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/daily-living/delirium It is not always about hallucinations and such. There is a form called "hypoactive" which can be confused with depression...
Hi and welcome, OTV

Yorkshire's a big place ;) but if you are near York you might try


Best of luck!
I'm so sorry, Pet. You have been so brave to share your journey with us. This bereavement thing is horrible, isn't it?

Sending (((hugs)))
Thankyou all for your messages. They help more than you can know.
Mum had been in her care home since July last year. Lately she'd been refusing food unless it was sweet and pureed, though she was still happy to nibble the chocolates and marshmallows I brought. I was experimenting, too, with disguising Fortisip as tomato soup (bad idea - it curdles). On Sunday she...
So very, very sorry, Pet.

Thinking of you.
Hi Francesca and welcome to the forum. I had a similar experience to yours. My son smoked cannabis and took other drugs as a teenager and he was expelled from school. He did get his O levels and went on to college, but after a few months he began to say that people outside our house were talking abo...
I've signed it too. I hope it's successful.
Hi and welcome Is your friend still a student? The college/university should have student services in place for housing and mental health issues. Even if your friend is not a student any longer the college may be able to give you some pointers to helpful local organisations. If not, try Shelter or M...