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Did you see it last night?

It was one of those programs that makes you ashamed to be human when there are the likes of those people who continually attacked that women's house because she had a disabled son.
<t>Rosa Monckton knows more than most the fears every parent has for a child with learning difficulties, she often wonders what life will be like once herself and her husband are no longer around to protect her daughter. <br/> <br/> In this moving documentary, Rosa, a disability rights campaigner an...
If you met someone who was facing the prospect of being a carer for whatever reason, from your experiences what advice would you give them?

what do you feel people these days aren't told about being a carer?
Tinq did you ask him if he worked? I did as it happens and guess what? no he didn't and yes he had children. He was very stroppy when I asked saying he didn't have children for benefits my reply was not everyone does but your tarring everyone including yourself that way. he called me a spammer to w...
According to a survey published today middle aged women turning into an army of unpaid carers who are suffering; loss of job prospects, health problems and loss of income. The study, which has been hailed a “landmarkâ€
<t>Whilst nosing around on Facebook, I found someone I thought was interesting. He was expressing lots of opinions about the current unemployment problems and I thought great! Someone to have a chat with and maybe recruit as a blogger on the site. <br/> <br/> His first few opinions seemed alright, I...
come join our group and keep up with our progress in the build up to Fairs Fayre!
Hi, it's at Magna in Sheffield

I'm very excited about it.
<t>I was called into an urgent meeting at my nan's care home the other day, and my instant thought was oh bugger!<br/> they gave no idea what it was about so everyone who went was panicking and to top that off, while we waited in reception I spotted a box of leaflets for staff "dealing with redundan...
Have you heard about the upcoming event called Fairs Fayre? It's a fantastic event that helps people understand the kind of help out there for people who are carers or loved ones of someone with a disability! This is the third year it has run and it sounds as fantastic as ever. They have: Walking wi...