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I want to know if other peoples families help them when it comes to caring. my aunty refuses to help my mum care for my grandad, my mum is run ragged but just because she gets the 50 off quid a week my aunty believes my mum should be on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no rest. she also seems ...

Thanks, only 3 questions just take a minute.
are you based in Rotherham or near by?

would you like to come along to the health and well-being group?


if your not based in rotherham, is there one near you?
would you like one set up?
http://www.maplin.co.uk/search.aspx?cri ... g&menuno=0
you mean these?

they loom pretty good and I have to admit I'm tempted!

snow must be making carers lives miserable! not to mention the ones you care for.

my grandad is stuck in rehab and has had no visitors for 4 days, he says he's going mental!
http://bit.ly/keepwarmthiswinter Time for some more tips on keeping warm this winter! With all the snow we’ve been having, I might be using these tips myself. We’ve already looked at how keeping moving can help keep you warm, now we’ll look at food and how eating well can help you through the...
does anyone have any tips for people caring this winter?

in terms of keeping warm and well etc.
<t>Being a carer can be a full time job and when it ends, for whatever reason, it can be traumatising. You were needed almost every second of every day and used to not thinking of your own needs, instead putting others before yourself. <br/> Death of a loved one is something incredibly hard to deal ...
Of course there are more young carers than the census picked up - their parents filled in the forms! What do you mean by this? I'm confused, do you mean the parents filled in the form to make them look like carers or that parents claimed they weren't carers? Sorry if I confused you. I've been a bit...