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Do any of you out there care for someone with a mental illness and don't currently have children? Do you think that mental illness running in your family would affect your decision to have children? Knowing that it may affect them? I'm curious to know because I spotted an article about a man who had...
Us carers often forget about our own health when we're busy caring for others, but for us to be able to carry on caring, we need to be healthy and fit. what advice would you give to other carers in regards to looking after themselves? also I found this site that gives advice and support relating to ...
I found some great advice on the web that comes straight from other carers of people with dementia and also from dementia sufferers themselves.

Some fantastic new advice from the people who live with Alzheimers/ Dementia Day in and day out! http://bit.ly/rpLYWw
I found some more tips that follow on from these about how to maintain independence for people with dementia at mealtimes

a news story about the recent panarama program, what are your views?


some handy tips I found online that might come in handy for those caring for someone with dementia, there are also some more tips if you nosey around the site.

Hope this helps! Image
I spotted this article about a poll that was recently issued on Facebook, it was about "what was the biggest pressure on you, as a carer, today?"


so what was the biggest pressure on you today?
<t>Despite the fact that we are no longer in the Middle Ages, and beliefs about the roles of women have changed, caring is still seen by many as a women’s job.<br/> <br/> There’s no doubt that this belief makes it hard for men to admit that they are carers. Traditionally men are seen as being the ma...
<t>it is magnificent what they do,<br/> I know someone who works closely with people with advanced dementia and she knew a man who hadn't spoken for 3 years, hadn't tried moving from his wheelchair for the same amount of time. <br/> <br/> His carer went along to one of the concerts and within minute...