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I'm not remotely surprised. Whether it would have (will be) been implemented or not, just the notion that it has been considered make my blood boil. Hit the most deserving and vulnerable again.
Hello and welcome to our world.
Hi all After a desperate phone call to social services last May, I have finally been awarded 6 hours a week pa and two weeks respite for my disabled son, far less than I asked for. However, because of my sons difficult and complex behaviour (downs, ADHD, autism, underactive thyroid...), and because ...
Thanks for your reply. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis so two days of 'no son' was pure luxury lol. Just doing and thinking for me and not two was emotionally and physically 'enlightening', oh how the other half live.... Lol. My daughter and I, well daughter, mucked the house out, so today we are...
Well, going to pick my son up from his two night break from respite (second time there). I got myself so stressed and worked up before he went I was virtually having a panic attack when I dropped him off. However, it all just melted away when I got in the car to come home, I felt such a sigh of reli...
Thanks but I'm only 45 so don't think I can claim it.
In reply to :- Q: Is there any point claiming CA when I'm already on ESA? I am a carer for my disabled son but I also claim esa for myself as I have rheumatoid arthritis. As far as I'm aware, you cannot claim ca if you are claiming esa for yourself. Esa stops when you are 65 (?) and then it all chan...
I've tried once yesterday and once today and my post hasn't appeared either. ?????
I have cared for my son for 25 years and only for a short period ( when I studied part time ) could I claim ca. I can no longer work due to my own disability, so I claim esa, there fore I cannot claim ca. So, all my adult life I have been a carer to my severely disabled son and received virtually no...
Hi christine
My son helps to care for me and his severely disabled brother. He applied to The carers centre and was given 500 towards the cost of driving lessons which he is currently taking.
Hope this helps.