I recently applied (first time) to the carers centre for £500 grant for a break as I care for my disabled son (for 25 years) , only to be told that they are awaiting funding and will contact me when it becomes available. They haven't. However, I have just read this on their website.... Changes to th...
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I have a son with downs, ADHD and autism..... Hard work but lovely.
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Or, for those caring every waking hour (like me) it works out less than 50p per hour and that's IF you can claim carers allowance, with no holidays, days off or breaks......
Oh yes, boredom.... Such a huge part of my life. The repetitive behaviour, repetitive conversation, repetitive films, food, games, etc. I seem to spend my life waiting for son to carry out instructions. Even then, he soon loses focus and is distracted by the smallest of things. Everything takes so m...
Hello linda Welcome to the forum. I can empathise with you, my son is 25, Down's syndrome, autistic and ADHD and can be such hard work but we love him so much. Caring for someone day in, day out, for many years certainly takes it's toll. It's not just the physical caring but it's emotionally drainin...
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