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we do have a very small single bedroom downstairs but my husband needs me there with him in the night and there's not enough room for a double bed or 2 singles. we are thinking of maybe stair lift hire rather than purchasing one.
Hi Emma,
I am a new member too and did take a while to find my way around the screen, but am so glad I joined. It's really good to know that I am not the only one whose life has been put on hold. best wishes, Anne
Thanks Bowlingbun, I will try to take on board your advice. I can't get out of the house to buy anything, everything has to be available on-line or I need to ask someone to get it for me. (I am waiting for social services to put a respite plan into operation for 6 hours a week) Having a set "my time...
I am new to caring - only 7 weeks but feels like 7 months - I get up at 7am and make a pot of tea and feed the cat. I take the tea upstairs to caree (spouse) and get back into our bed until 8am while we drink the tea. Then get him up, help him with dressing, bathroom stuff, give him breakfast, settl...
when caring all gets too much and I am in tears, I tell my cat Lottie all about it, have a cat cuddle and recover my equilibrium. My caree also benefits from having Lottie on his lap - we love her to bits!
thank you for your replies. We have been lent a walking frame, two commodes, a shower stool, heavy wheelchair and chair leg risers. It's just the Stair lift we really need but don't want to order before we have a diagnosis/prognosis. He comes down the stairs on his bottom, but it's difficult getting...
I don't think I can be the only carer whose husband has an undiagnosed condition. He is undergoing more tests this week. The big problem is without a diagnosis we have no prognosis and so are not able to instigate suitable help e.g, stairlift, electric wheelchair. My husband's symptoms are severe lo...
it is taking me hours to find WHERE to write my posts - where do I need to go to write a new post (not a reply)?
The other problem I gave is that the heading and subject matter are not showing up properly on my I-pad
Hi, I am a new member and am having trouble posting a message