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I know my caree has to have been ill for 6 months before I can claim attendance allowance but can I include in that 6 months, the time he has spent in hospital?
My husband now has a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. His sense of balance is very poor because he can't feel his legs properly. He also now has problems with bladder and bowel control. He has been in a rehab centre in Hereford since this morning, which is giving me a much needed rest, but at age...
thank you Anne. Caree is having a very bad day today. I don't anticipate getting another weekend (or even an hour or two ) away until June when Caree's son can come again. My social worker did an assessment for respite care SIX weeks ago but nothing has happened since despite phone calls from me.
thank you Henrietta for your helpful comments :)
thank you for your message Edith. I am very grateful for this website and all the friendly helpful people who write in
I have had a wonderful first weekend off from caring. It did take me several hourse to get over the feeling that I shouldn't be leaving my caree in the care of his son and granddaughter. They did a good job in my absence, but I returned to find much deterioration in my caree's condition because he w...
I am getting up every night to fill a hot water bottle to ease my caree's night time cramps in his side. Is there any way I can fill a hot water bottle before bed time and keep it hot until the wee small hours?
we will have a DWP visit next week for attendance allowance - haven't got the 50 page form yet. This morning we received the Blue Badge application form - another 30 pages. Finding the time to do this paperwork is really tricky when my caree needs so much attention.
can the attendance allowance be back dated to the date when care started? (We Haven't got the forms to fill in yet)
thanks Henrietta and Bowlingbun. Caree is not computer literate so couldn't do the on-line shopping. He has trouble with one hand so not sure if he could peel veg - will have to try it and see. I do try to keep up my music keyboard and fiddle playing but don't always have the inclination to practice...