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good luck and i hope you get the result that's right for both you and your husband.
tony,have you seen what harm caffeine can do to you,i googled it and was shocked,so i'm not surprised you feel better.
go for it buddy,well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tell him to put his head up his a**e,because she'd seen it on tv,it was so out of character for her and it made us laugh,bless her.
i found clicking back on to home page then back on to the forum did the trick.
just think of it like a chat room where you get a response with a gap,because people on here are busy like yourself and haven't got time to sit in front of the computer 24/7 and pop in and out when they can,the system does work.
<t>hi pat,i'm 45 and the wife is 42 with alzheimers,i'm assuming you've recently had the diagnosis and feel life is falling apart,i would look on the alzheimers society website and find your nearest memory cafe,it has helped us loads talking to people in the same situation and realising you belong t...
<t>i've had the same conversation with my mp,my last 2 kids are leaving college in a years time and i will have to work 30 hours and leave my wife who has alzheimers at age 42,i struggle to work 16 hours now,god knows how i will work 30,my kids went/go college so i kept tax credits and they were bet...
glad it worked,1 egg per person is just right in our house,it's yorkie pud on plate first then try to fit rest of dinner round it,we also do them in victoria sandwich tins and put the dinner in them.
you can't force people to "care" you are either that way inclined or not,i care for my wife because i want to but there's no way on this planet i'd care for my mother because she's an evil witch!