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get a job and get adult social care to sort some care out so you can earn some money and have some life at the same time.
working hours are 16 when your partner is on dla,i assumed he was still entitled even though he would not be receiving it at the minute under the 28 day rule.
<t>staten,i don't really understand whether your asking what hours you need to work to receive wtc,16 by the way with kids on ctc claim or would you be better off on income support and have no council tax and wait 13 weeks to get mortgage interest payments and any other passporting benefits kick in ...
lucy,at the top of your web page(google) above the name of the site you're on there's a star then favourites it appeared on there and thats what messed my ability to log in up,deleted it and everything ok again.
or more to the point sort there software out so we don't need the thread,how long does it take to realise the shortcut on web page don't work,it took me 2 days,posted this and got ignored,nothing unusual there then!!!!!! ps deleted it and it's worked fine for a week now.
was that early onset dementia or early signs of dementia,because they are 2 entirely different things?
i'm no dietician but i know a lot of foods can cause wind,so it might be worth googling it and then cut them out of the diet,if it is because of constipation(daughter with nids),i know sodium picosulphate is a good laxative and you take with a spoon and not dissolve in water,those are foul.
delete the shortcut that appeared on your web page and it will work perfectly.
relaxation cds are on ebay,then download cd to mp3 software to copy to mp3 player,they use these at the memory cafe the wife goes to along with doing chair based exercises.
nobody replied in the other section so does it matter which section it goes in!