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i've read this 3/4 times now and put off replying,because i think of lots of things to say but not sure you'd want to hear any of them,so instead i will send my love and best wishes to you and hope your dad is strong enough to fight this and everything turns out for the best.
exactly,scally,i for one am now more determined for my wife to live a normal as possible life till the time comes that the alzheimers makes it impossible to do.
<t>if watching these amazing athletes makes disabled people realise that their life isn't over and they are part of society and do something other than sit in home feeling useless then the paralympics is a fantastic event,i for one feel humbled when watching it,people missing limbs,blind people and ...
<t>they should have just rang me,wife 42 with the b****y disease,lost track how many times i've been suicidal this year,i noticed somebody put once you get used to it it's like any other disease to cope with or words to that effect on another post,what a load of rubbish,it messes with your mind and ...
harry hills a nice guy actually,signs autographs and he was very chatty when i picked him up in the taxi!
1:own an ex london cab,unlikely has they won't insure me because i drive a taxi
2:own a fast car,that doesn't need to be an estate to fit in a wheelchair/scooter
3:make last payment on mortgage,which means i'll still have my wife for 20 years and the alzheimers won't get her for ages
crumble is 4:2:1 4oz flour,2oz butter,1oz sugar.
<t>debra,that only works if kids on claim,the carers allowance makes no difference if no kids on claim and then the disabled person is the one that can work 16 hours but the carer ie me has to work 30,but it's not really the carers allowance that makes the difference my friends wife only has to work...
has a parent there is no way i would stop my kids having their own life,i think your mother is being selfish and needs to realise the fact,your partner won't wait forever!
<t>debra i don't think it's less for people on carers allowance,that's the joke,kids grow up you lose child tax credit so have to work 30 hours even though you get carers allowance and the caree on dla so you have to make the choice of losing working tax credit or work 30 hours then earn too much to...