Of late the worry of what will happen to my severely physically disabled caree when I'm nolonger able/deceased is becoming a little overwhelming. I know it's probably a combination of internal/external pressures and concerns, but if I may ask what plans (if any) do others have in place? I have a gre...
Don't do it Dee! Although you are articulate and no pushover, they just want to use you to justify their policies.
I totally empathize Melly - the future scares me to death too. I think caring for a child/younger person tends not to be time limited like caring for an elderly relative, there's the probability they will out live you. With the NHS and social care drifting into cash-strapped chaos it's a very scary ...
4. Summer in the city - Lovin' Spoonful

custard or cream?
Rock the boat - The Hues Corporation
2. Cruel Summer - Bananarama