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Question Time.
Jeremy Hunt chooses not to answer Barbara Keeley Labour MP's question about the threat to carers allowance with eligibility changes. Can carers now take this non response by Hunt as confirmation that the carers allowance will be a target?
I take it back, his aide is...also.
There's a word for him that rhymes with his name... (admins delete if you must lol)
Hoping all goes well x
It's totally unacceptable Eun. I do understand that you're exhausted with it all but it really shouldn't be happening - amongst the good I do wonder sometimes what type of person the nursing profession attracts.
I voted and was deeply disappointed the Tories got in again. I think the future may be very bleak if the cuts do their worst. I must say I'm very impressed with Nicola Sturgeon and wish we had someone championing anti-austerity this side of the border.
Lots of info out there - try The ESA & DLA Survival Guide on facebook, lots of people post advice on there. Also the CAB can help filling in forms and try here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzn6gp8mqtrw0nj/DISABLED%20UK%20-%20ESA%20Advice%20Sheet%20inc%20dla%20%26%20pip%20appeal%20process%20Updated%202...
The lack of respite care for young disabled adults who do not have a learning disability is truly shocking.
http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... re-act-faq

All very well as long as local authorities can fund it...the Tories need to 'fessup' about where the cuts are going to be if re elected - highly unlikely before the election...