Thank you Myrtle , i have ever known one lady called Myrtle, your not from Bolton are you??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you all so much, really sad today as i so enjoyed meeting my good "Mate" again, ah well, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What a wonderful post and thank you so much. just shows that this horrid disease has no barriers. this is why i think it is so important to raise awareness so to rid the illness of the stigma it has got, best wishes, Norrms and famly xxxxxxxxxxxx
<t>Hiya everybody i joined a couple of days ago and i have posted a couple of things on here and i hope to continue to do so for as long as i can. Eight years ago i was dianosed with heart failure and then two years ago i was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimers and i`m still only 52. ( Coincide...