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He's given a list of things at the start of the day and told that if he gets them done by 3 pm he can then go home and if he doesn't get them done he's threatened with being brought in on Saturday, but he usually doesn't complete the tasks because everyone gives him other jobs to do and tell him to ...
We have a Siberian husky, female aged 1 year and 6 months who requires a lot of walking, which is shared between our two sons who live here and me. I find it leaves me little time to do much housework, including decluttering and not enough time to spend with my family. I also love reading - auto/bio...
Do you have a Citizen's Advice Bureau near you? They helped me through the appeals process when my son was initially turned down for PIP and they were brilliant. They had ideas and advice that I would never even have thought of. In the end we didn't have to have an appeal hearing as the evidence I w...
With regard to life expectancy with Alzheimer's Disease, when my mother was diagnosed with that disease the consultant told us it would be 2 - 5 years. She died 5 years later. Of course, every one is different.

Well done you. I hope your support group works out well for you. Have you heard of Autism Initiatives? They provide services for autistic people in the Merseyside area.

Bb, I couldn't have done it without the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau. They were brilliant.

Oh, and I dread to think how my three will manage after I've gone.

We have been waiting for a date for J's appeal against the decision not to grant him PIP. I sent the appeals office a letter from his employment support worker at the social enterprise he attends and a report from the ESA office giving reasons why he was granted that benefit. It seems to have worked...
My mil worked for many years in the office at a Camphill school near Belfast. She loved it and said the children there were very happy. It still has a good reputation. I think, as someone else has suggested, that shorter outings might be better until he and his carers or whatever name they give them...
Hi Naomi,

Welcome to the group. It sounds like you're having a tough time with your son's illnesses. That was a very young age to have a stroke. It can't be very easy to bring up two boys on your own, especially when one of them is not well.

I am a mum of 3 adults on the autistic spectrum.

Hi Amanda, sorry I'm just noticing this now. That's great news - I hope things are working out well for you now. It makes such a difference to have a social worker working for and with you.