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Anyone else in the process of filling in one of these? I'm currently filling one in for A, who is finding it stressful on account of her anxiety. There were some questions we didn't quite understand and I had intended to ring up the ESA about them, but the day has been very busy. There'll be another...
She wanted to see him in action. She made the arrangement with M's employers and I don't know if she said anything to them about the 30 minute limit, but now they're telling him to ask the support worker to go to her meeting first, then come and watch him when she has more time.

M's employment support worker is planning to come and watch him at work, but only for half an hour as she will have a meeting to go to afterwards. It doesn't seem like a long time to me

Thanks for all your replies. The general consensus seems to be that members of the household should contribute to the costs of running the household. My son contributes a fixed amount of cash once a week, which doesn't go very far, but I am very grateful for it. It was he who was told that he should...
This seems to have been going on for a long time. No wonder you're so tired and depressed with it all. People on the autistic spectrum tend to slip between the various services and don't get the help they need. I see from one of your earlier posts that CAHMS turned you down because your son's proble...
What do people here think about family members contributing money towards housekeeping? My son contributes and he has been told he shouldn't be expected to do so.

It doesn't seem fair that your daughter should have her benefits cut because you are receiving more money. The social work team would do well to check their facts before giving you advice about benefits and your particular social worker needs to be very careful in her attitude towards your daughter,...
Melly1 wrote:
Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:54 pm
Does this happen when the husband and wife employers are present?

Of course - the husband encourages it.

It's a small family business and the plan was supposed to be that only members of that family were supposed to give M orders plus a certain member of staff who is in charge when the employers are not there - a man and his wife. Now they let anyone and everyone give him things to do. Furthermore, the...
Hi George, You sound like a teenager talking that needs permission from his parents to do anything, instead of a 39 year old. When adult children don't leave their home at a time when most other people of their age would be doing so, the parents can miss the join when they move from childhood to adu...