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Hi bowlingbun
Will have to look into that in the next couple of days. Thanks for the info. :)
Hi Dancing queen and welcome
You sure have your hands full. I am pleased for you that you are getting some support and a carers assessment. Hopefully you and your OH will finally get some answers . I think that's half of the battle. :)
Hi scally We never got any info about this. Although I did hear, like you, that if they are in fulltime education they are not eligible. I am lucky that I am still entitled to child benefit etc. that will probably be the reason why. Although they initially refused CB because the info I was given by ...
Hi bowlingbun Yes I did have some one come out regarding a transition plan. Although to me it seemed very vague. They did ask me how I saw k's future etc. I would love for him to be able to live perhaps in a shared house with support. I was told that usually this happens around the age of 25. So at ...
Just wanted to say hi and welcome.
Sorry can't contribute much because I am in a different situation to you. Although I worked with the E.M.I. about 15yrs ago I realise that this is completely different to caring for a family member.
I just didn't want to ignore you. :)
Hi and welcome You have been put into an impossible situation. Without repeating what has already been said I would urge you to contact SS and clearly state the circumstances you are in and that this can not continue. No matter how much you love your mum your needs are just as important. As for you ...
Hi Melly1 Thanks for the warm welcome. I feel blessed because K has improved so much over yrs. I was told to prepare myself for him never to be able to communicate or to understand. He now communicates using speech and has very good understanding of the basics . I am gratefull to the outstanding inf...
Hi Amanda.
Although I can give any constructive advice on what you are going through, I just wanted to say hi and welcome from 1 newbie to another :)
Hi Thank you for the warm welcome. K goes to college 3 days a week . It was a huge shock to his system as he loved school. There are no day services for him for the days that he isn't at college. Mainly because he doesn't want to go out and doesn't like the activities on offer . I get 4hours a month...
My name is jean. I am a single mum and carer for my 17yr old son. He has autism, ADHD and challenging behaviour. I am still trying to find my way round the site but thought I would quickly introduce myself. Hope to catch up soon. :)