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They say it comes in 3s. 2 more to go. You might win the big one tonight. Good Luck Image
Hi Paula / Tony.
What a heart breaking story. It sounds very much like my mum and myself right now.I started crying reading it.
I wish you both all the best for the future Love from Sheila xx
Image [POVERTY IS £48-65 A WEEK ]
:D Thank god for evertonians. I waited ages for a taxi back from the hospital tonight; the taxi firm I usually use must have taken the phone off the hook I was just going to hop away when I spotted a cab bringing a nurse into work. The taxi driver said he was an Evertonian and not interested in the...
Hi Everyone, Yes thats what I did Lola Image
<t>Hi Tony. I went in to see my sister at meal times in hospital. She went down to 6st when she was very bad, every time I went in her meal was still on the tray unopened I looked at her notes and the nurses always wrote down she had such a thing to eat for her dinner. she didn't eat it unless I was...
<t>Hi Kaydee no I don’t have a scanner. things happen so fast the nurse was in and out within 10 minutes I didn’t think anything at the time just later on in the morning I thought how strange she mentioned pat’s catheter … Maybe it would be wise to get a scanner and keep m...
<t>Hi Charles / ken I didn't even know that auditors looked at care files. It was only when she went I said to my Dad I think they will change the files. It’s a bit funny just after Pat's psychiatrist complaining.<br/> <br/> We have had no help from our doctors at all since Pat came out of ho...
<t>Can anyone tell me if the district nurses ever take the patients care notes away for the auditors to have a look at? <br/> About 2 weeks ago Pat's (my sister) psychiatrist came to see her, and I was telling him about the nurses leaving the catheter in for 5 months it was painful For Pat and she h...