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I am so sorry to hear of your loss Dorothy, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and friends x ^j^ x
Debts....... quite a deep subject! I also got into debt a few years ago and it wasn't through over spending either. I went from working 30 hrs+ to 7 hrs per week, quite the drop. I applied for IS, in hopes of not being on it too long, with that plus my earnings, I could at least pay my mortgage with...
Or how about sparing a thought for working carers who have the difficult task of juggling work and caring often because they have no choice and need the money to meet their financial commitments.
Quite right Paraifal, I have financial commitments as I'm sure many like myself do.
I totally agree with you - I also care for my mother and hold down employment, although my work hours are now 15 hours per week. I had to cut back on a few hours to enable me to more available for my mother. I was refused CA because I am now earning £50.00 per month too much http://www.carersuk.org...
Thank you for your replies:) My income will be zero as I'll not be working and have no other income coming in, plus I live on my own, my daughter is away and due to start Uni in Sept' so I suppose, if I get CA, I'll be entitled to Income support also?
Due to my mother's failing health over the past few weeks, I am now considering giving up my work to be able to be more available to her. She was awarded AA a few months ago but I now need to know if carers also qualify for income support and if so what is the rate? Many thanks Tricia P.S. I've not ...
Since my mother was awarded AA recently, it has made me scour the internet trying to find as much info as possible.
One question I do have is, my mother receives the above credit I am now wondering if she is entitled to a reduced council tax?
Many thanks in advance.
The Wheel of life, forever turns........
Thanks Marie, I have sent you a pm Image
I read on a forum recently about someone who was caring for her mother: "We have direct payment and employ our daughter as our PA" Is this possible, would this mean the caree pays his/her carer privately?