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<t>My daughter is 22 and she also has Autism and a form of cerebral palsy and there is nothing out there for her even her centre is at risk from closure as you say once they hit 18 l think they are thought to have had some miracle recovery she does have a lot going on for her but that is because l h...
Thats great news Rosemary so pleased for you both hear more about it later
happy birthday Rosemary hope you have a lovely day
thanks for all your messages lisa had a great day chocolate by the bucketful and loads of pressies but a bit overwhelmed with it all still got birthday cake to eat she wont be overwhelmed by that

thanks again
<t>Thanks Paula and Tony for your birthday wishes for lisa she has been up half the night wanting to know if it was her birthday yet she has gone to her centre with a birthday cake that they will have to prize off her alll she keeps saying is no healthy eating today poor kid is craving for chocolate...
<t>well no big op as yet had hospital app yesterday and stoma nurse was there they are are going to try something else less invasive first cant remember name of it but it involves a balloon type procedure just to see how much feeling lisa has in her lower bowel as stoma nurse said the same as myself...
Hi Ringty l will be thinking of you today just stay strong l know its easier said than done
but hang on in there
take care
<t>Hi Ringty l went away to my brothers for 3wks after my mum passed away but l found it worse when l came back it was like starting all over again so when my dad passed away last year l stayed in the home that we had shared for the last 16yrs although l had my daughter with me she has multiple disa...
<t>Hi Ringty just wanted to say how sorry l am to hear of your mum but dont ever feel that you let your mum down there is always guilt and feelings of l could have done more after someone we love passes away and everybody deals with it in their own way dont let the way your sisters are behaving and ...
<t>l will do that Charles thanks for info we are having to keep using wheelchair and it is getting to much for me OT has said he has done as much as he can it is up to housing now l think it is the builders has when the guy from the housing was out last year he said he would get it done as soon as p...