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i mean do any of us really needs this additional cr*p ? In a nutshell?...no! (((hugs))) I know how you feel, this one is fast approaching us too! We've lettered the local authority, they are still looking at the information and no decision re if we're under occupied or if they're gonna allow it, ha...
Hi guys how are things going?
We're just waiting for the better weather as things tend to settle a wee bit once flu weather leaves!
M x
Here's the link - hope it's helpful.
M x
http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/disability ... p-toolkit/
Hi there, OH can speak but usually as he's coming out of it and usually just repeating the same word over. One time with a vomiting seizure, I said 'Oh dear' and as he came out he kept saying it over and over! There's a kind of pattern of activity with him during the complex phase before they genera...
Have a lovely day!
M x
but in social housing you have to bloom where you are planted...even its a high rise, run down housing estate or a rural village ...you take it ...or you leave it. sick of it all ....and very very angry! Totally understand how you feel - moving is just not an option for us either and we're caught i...
DWP took to Twitter to quickly distance and back away from this!
They tweeted
- no plans to change policy!
Guess they 'aint gonna change their mind in a hurry!
Marie x
I hope to God, with all the good lobbying from the main charities, here included!
They're backing down...
http://www.scoop.it/t/welfare-news-serv ... f43ea7edf3

Marie x
Did anyone else see this... By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent 8:40AM GMT 17 Feb 2013 The device, which is similar to a sticking plaster connected to a small battery pack by wires, stimulates nerves beneath the skin that feed deep inside the brain to key areas of associated with mood. Trials of ...
Hi Paul, I asked the neuro about Perampanel and it seems it's not suitable for OH. Due to his bronchitis and asthma problems, he has continual chest and upper tract infections and it seems, that's also a side effect of this newer drug. He's also a bit stressed re - all this bedroom tax and ESA in th...