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Hi the wander alarm is really good! We got it from easylinkuk here's a link... http://www.easylinkuk.com/page14.html The one we have sits at the bottom of our bed and runs an infra-red beam so when OH's feet get out of bed and break the beam, a signal goes to my handset and either buzzes or vibrates...
Hi, Sure need the door locks sturdygirl!
We've got alarms for seizures and wandering too so we know when he goes walk about!
Stairs remain an issue - tried baby gates too - he toppled over 'em!

I guess we find a way don't we!
M x
We got our bathroom converted too - that warm water was a nightmare trying to keep him awake and he got cross when you kept annoying him! lol
Stairs are the enemy in our house too - sky diving down 'em at three in the morning is not to be recommended!
Marie x
<t>Hi guys, oh Paul the taking clothes off in public places is a belter isn't it! OH has Complex partials that generalise and like Paul's Lisa, my OH can be seizing while mobile and chewing, choking, limb jerking, vomit, urine the works! Thankfully (in some ways- hell in others!) his seizures are al...
Hi guys, it's so important re: the drugs and Epilepsy action and National Sociaty for E have a letter re - continuity of drugs for people with Epilepsy, it's listed in the NICE guidelines so there's no excuses for pharmacists to opt out! You need to google and then print it off - we did too and hey ...
It's a good read! M x
Thanks Crocus! M x
Hi Daisy and thanks for the cheering thoughts. I'm glad your grandson manged to get around! Kids are resourceful aren't they! lol
Jessie goes in on the 25th of June for the first lot of surgery and cast fitting, please keep us in your thoughts.
M x
<t>Hi guys, we've been away for a few days respite break. OH was no worse than he'd have been at home and we needed the time-out so we thought what the heck!<br/> We wanted to spend a little time doing some fun things with the grandbaby before the surgery and spica casts all start - it's going to be...
<t>Hi guys, we're still struggling on, how's everyone else doing?<br/> Sturdy, we lock all the appliances as if OH stops seizing beside an appliance he pushes all the buttons or flicks switches on/off!<br/> <br/> I've not been on much, things are a bit hairy here, our wee baby, grand daughter needs ...