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Thanks for all your replies......I got some peppermint from the woman 2 doors from me and has worked a treat.......and ive stayed of the coffee as well.......I shall try some bisodol plus some of tesco's own make to see if they work.....Im off to sit in the sun now............Lesley
Cheers Rosemary will try that, my neighbour also recommended peppermint...Lesley
Hello ive had indigestion for 4 days on the trot now...tried rennies,g gavascon....nothing works any tips...ive cut my coffee out I think that was causing it...........Lesley
My ma used to say to me....make sure your names on the rent book!! Image
Thats right Charles.....forgot you have to claim child tax credit instead of income support.
Ive got issues with my council...seemingly im not elegible for there gardening maintenance scheme, ive to do it myself, theyve been doing a lot of cutbacks,they used to be free but now you have to pay £50 I was willing to as well.........they so get on my nerves so they do http://www.carersuk.org...
Hi...if your girlfriend is on income support she shouldnt have to pay rent, she should get in touch with the council, she should try claiming income support for her son as well just tell them she isnt getting child maintenance, my ex partner was great at doing that in the end up the ss chased him up...
Hi I use amytriptelene been taking 4 25mg a night for years, they dont make me hallucinate but they give me a good sleep, ive been on them for 11, 12 years now, also they are addictive, I dont use it for pain its for depression, hope this is of some use.....Lesley
Happy Easter to all, I went to collect my prescription today not realising it WAS easter and they are not open untill Tuesday...og well Image