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happy xmas to all bereaved carers, the day is just starting, i'm waiting for daylight before opening my pressies partly with the excuse that i have a cold but partly by choice i have the option to spend today in smiley peace and quiet if i choose too! wishing you all the best at what can be a diffic...
dearest eira and ian, sincere condolences on your sad losses! i lost mr bigbear august 2013. thinking of you both at this sad time. i feel composed, almost solemn trying to think of some wise words... i had an assesment for nhs free bereavement therapy this morning if youre in the mood my query in t...
hopeful news! after chat with chum i'm up for nhs i.a.p.t s treatment!!! which yaaay! is hot on c.b.t! so perhaps treatment for grief that doesnt mean "talking therapy" thanks for all your help advice and encouragement gang! just wanted to give some news so you all know how important your input was!...
had a little look at helpful help you lovely guys offered earlier in this thread! about your experiences and thought about counselling! most helpful gang! i now have a 2nd assessment for bereavement therapy , this one is from gp referal also ordered book chum recommended grief is a feathered thing l...
sincere condolences on your sad loss,
bigbear x
just heard i've been accepted for £10 bereavement sessions at "mind"
starting in new year
happy with that. :)
interesting greta, i'm not religious hoping religious aspects ,as a non beleiver wont put me off this book which i understand was written with a co writer after she had a stroke in last years of her life so far so good watch this space! thanks again greta for interesting msg! ;) :) hugs bunny x
dear jenny,
thankee for everything!
love bigbearx ;) :)
smiles and hugs to you too dear juggler!
and all you amazing people!
(finding the book very interesting and comforting)
love big ;) :) bear x
i saw my lovely gp this morning and she had refered me for nhs therapy for bereavement which will be free and which i feel happy with the thought of. the book arrived this morning and i am looking 4ward to looking through it asap! the elizabeth kubler ross one! so all in all a brighter place ! thank...