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hi gang! bigbear chatting! now a few sessions into my bereavement counselling with my counsellor simone taking it slowly, and coping between sessions seeing it as bouncing up and down, at first the deeper emotions coming to the surface really depressed me simone has helped me start to find the happy...
hiya dear bridget! thanks so much for your words of encouragement my memories of terry mean so much to me i couldnt bear it if i lost the detail over time i've got a long way to go! my counsellor is just perfect for me but the space between sessions is quite stressful quess its all part of the griev...
so sorry for your loss too richard.
hugs bigbear x
dear elizabeth,
so sorry for your sad loss,
i lost mr bigbear aug 2013
sincere condolences,
love hugs and respect
bigbear x :)
dear eira, so sorry for your loss thinking of you and others so close to loved ones deathday, its now 2years and 5 months since i lost mr bigbear ( i started bereavement counselling with "mind" last week its not free but £10 a session i found first session liberating lovely that my main purpose and ...
first session a bad start
counsellor late
and then sat in shade so i couldnt see her face at all

but after peliminary upset
she was amazing!

hugsbigbe ;) :) arx
ended up with nhs assesment and mind first session appt on same day spoke to lovely team leader at nhs who pointed me decisively towards mind sessions which shed supervised in the past if ,as my gut reaction that talking therapy not for me, turns out to be right she said i can do the nhs one instead...
happy memories.....big bigbear smile :)
they make me happy in the here and now...
yep! ;) :)
what a lovely thought dear jenny!
love bigbear x