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As a carer for 35 years for my wife. I must admit I do get tired and irritated with life around me. As for respite. What is respite? I've never had any. The last time I made enquiries I was told sorry, you have a wife that has been taken ill with MS. No provision for problems like yours. Now if you ...
Hi Zoe, I hope all is well, we at times we all need help and of course support. I must admit over the 34 years as husband and carer I needed it at times support. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. The only problem is you get the odd one that pokes his or her nose in too far and causes problems. Well I...
I thank you for the information supplied. I will notify my wife and see if she is interested in the test assessment you have supplied. I found it very interesting. You see it's my wife that's disabled with MS, I am just her husband carer, again thank you.
Hi All,
I must admit at the moment I'm confused with the whole thing. I think I will have too sit down and think this one out. I've looked for information that is understandable for a lay-man not a member of the law bench to understand.
Bernard. :?:
In answer to the question above, being a carer . I say the wheelchair should have the full priority over the pushchairs in the disabled bay. I always have a job with this problem on trains when I have took time to reserve those seats and areas. The guard always puts a pram or an old age couple in th...
Hi Gavin, The problem some not all like myself are carer for a family member, wife as in my case. The last time I asked the council for assistance was a few years a go when I as carer as I am now looking after my wife. My mother-in-law moved just down the street. She had parkinsons, diabetes and hea...
Hi, My wife has not been assessed for PIPs but she had to fill a form in for ESA. The problem my wife has is, how can I put it M.S., a lot of places including the medical people don't accept that M.S., is a long term illness. They think it's a cold. So just imagine the problems I'm going to get when...
HI, Petal,
I wish you well with your husbands appeal. I know it's difficult but please keep plugging. And don't forget his and of course your own health.
Hi, I don't have any political leaning I just vote with my heart. I'm sorry to say it but I think who ever wins the disabled and carers plus the elderly will be what I call in line for the cut. I as a carer looking after someone with MS wheelchair bound just had two relapses within month of each oth...
Hi thanks Petal,
Have taken legal advice. The PIP's assesses should look at the notes before they interview the person concerned. But in most cases they don't even bother.